PegLeg CNC

There are many DIY CNC machines out there already; some milling but most of them 3D printing or laser cutting. For this project, I wanted something which provided a familiar and easily expandable work area. I chose the B-Size area because I work with standard paper sizes every day, and I’m quite familiar with the possible file output already. Also, the 11″ X 17″ plane gives me plenty of room for many of the scale modeling works I intend to put through the mill.

It’s almost out of control how many control options there are. Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and a ton of pre-built g-code interpreters and motor drivers can be found in a few milliseconds in your favorite search engine. You can run your own code, use pre-written code like GRBL or LinuxCNC, or buy any of the available *mostly* wallet friendly machines. See the “References” section for credit where credit is due on those; I am pulling a lot of inspiration from what others have put out.

For a while, I was stuck in analysis paralysis. I ended up going with Arduino for a few reasons: widely used and well supported, learning, and┬áversatility. Looking into the future with my bottle of rum in hand, I want to make sure I’m not skipping around from one platform to another. I might trip. You know how that goes…