A Capt. needs quarters, after all.

Let’s see… take on a mortgage for a fast grab at some McHouse which may have some of what I need and want while burying me in debt for the rest of my natural life? Or, go the Tiny Home way and build exactly what I need and want without selling my soul to get it?

There’s been this nagging feeling since forever that I should build my own house. And I’ve never really wanted some huge waste of money mansion just for the off chance it would get featured on reality TV. Yeah, ok, you’ve heard this before… “I have a dream!” And then I sit on it for what seems to be months, when in reality I’ve been sitting on it quietly for years. If not my whole life.

Legos will do that to you. And so will PBS. But, let’s break it down. What is left on my list? A house, a boat, and anything which will help facilitate those two things.

This project page will be dedicated to collecting all of my notes, sketches and writings about whatever future house I end up building.

Speaking of Legos, let’s start here: WikiHouse

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